Jackie Christie On The Ups And Downs Of Basketball Wives L.A. And Wishing She Was Edited Like Draya Was

Jackie Christie. After a season on Basketball Wives L.A. it’s pretty safe to say you love her or you hate her, she’s one of the more divisive wives the franchise has ever seen, and judging from her behavior over the last four episodes of the season, she has a lot of explaining to do. When I spoke to Jackie at the reunion show taping, she was the Jackie we came to know and love early in the season, she was kind and talkative, with a hint of attitude, but she was truly a lovely person. We definitely got into some darker territory though when we discussed the image that the show has created for her and how she thinks she was characterized as a “psychopath.” The woman has been through a lot in the past few months and she has been asked to explain her actions countless times, so we’ll let you be the judge, does she convince you she’s misunderstood, or is she delusional like her co-stars say?

How do you feel about how the season went?

I feel ecstatic. There were ups and downs. Sometimes I didn’t know what to expect when episodes would come on. I said going in that I would wait until the end of the season to give my opinion, but I really think that here are messages in everything we do.

So, by the time things ended though, after Hawaii, and after the girls confronted you how did you feel?

I felt upset, more or less frustrated, and very disheartened. I felt betrayed, definitely, because I felt like the girls knew where I was coming from, and they were all coming to me asking for advice and I was mentoring them, trying to help them be better people. It got twisted up and misconstrued. All I ever said was let’s put it all on the table and talk about it and move through it. I felt like they all kind of cowarded out and didn’t really didn’t play ball.

Is today the first opportunity that you’re going to have to put everything out on the table with them?

I think today is definitely one of the bigger opportunities. I’ve had a few small ones. But yeah, it is kind of going to be my first real one where they’re all there together and they’re going to have to listen.

How did you and your family come to the decision to do the show? Was anyone apprehensive about you doing it? Did Doug warn you?

[Laughs] When I first told him, he kind of took a step back for a sec, but as he thought about it he said, you know what? I think this would be a great thing for you to do. I think this will be a huge opportunity for you to get your message out there. I write books that inspire women and motivate women to do better things in their life, so he thought this would be a great idea to get my message out there.

Is it easy for you to ignore the people who criticize you?

It’s easier for me to ignore the criticism because I’ve dealt with it for so long. You know, being married to a professional athlete and him being one of the stars when he was playing, us being talked about so much in the media because of our marriage and our relationship, and getting married over and over and over again, I’ve kind of gotten used to it, so I can turn a deaf ear. Sometimes, it does bother and sometimes it definitely hurts.

What do you do to get over that? It seems like you really have to grow a thick skin.

You do have to have a thick skin, and how I deal with it is I just try to ignore it. I remember who I am and I just keep on pushing forward. You know, my mother has a lot to do with it as well. She’s taught me how to be strong and always stand up and just ignore. There’s going to be people who don’t like you and there’s going to be people who do like you and I stay clear of the ones who don’t and embrace the ones who do.

How was it for you to have the whole arc of your mom and your relationship play out on TV? Does it make it more emotional because it’s caught on film and you can go back and see her again?

Yeah, it does and I really thank VH1 and Shed. I’ll have that always and my family will always have that. Sometimes I won’t watch the episodes right away. It takes myself a minute to get ready to watch, especially when I know my mom’s going to be on there. But then as soon as I watch it, I’m always happy I did. I just think it was a beautiful time we were able to spend together and I can hear her talking. So, I’m okay with it, but it is very emotional for me.

How did your feelings for each girl change as the season went along?

When we first started I knew Gloria and Laura, and they were like sisters to me. Then I got to know Imani and we became close. She started to become my BFF.

But you didn’t know her beforehand?

I did not know Imani beforehand at all, so I was really surprised that we had so much in common. We got along very well. She called me all the time; we would chat and talk and, you know, laugh. She was really fun. As far as Malaysia, she’s another one who I was getting close to. She’s a Leo like I am. She really expressed how much she looks up to me. She’s also married. She’s one of the ‘wives’ on the show, so we had a lot in common. I would pretty much talk to both of them and kind of mentor them. We got close as the season went on. Draya? I look at her like a little sister. She was funny to me. I was really starting to get to like her a lot as well.

Did it feel like you were betrayed by them in the end? Because I think in your opinion, you were just trying to help and mentor them, like you said. At the end, they both seemed kind of like, no thanks.

Very much so. It very much was annoying, at the same time, they know I’m a realist and I’m going to let them know how I feel. And I let them know on several occasions. “I don’t like what you’re doing. You know it’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. And in the end, you will apologize.”

Do you understand the decisions that Tanya and Kimsha made to pull back from the show?

No, I was really hoping that Kimsha and Tanya would remain a part of the show. I’m close to both of those guys. With Tanya, starting out, we had a rocky past in the beginning because I really wanted her to open up and tell me who she was and tell the girls who she was. After that, we got to know each other a little better, and I was looking forward to spending time with them during the season. Kimsha, I’m really close to her, like a sister. It was sad that she really wasn’t there a lot, and I really didn’t know why. I never really asked her. I really enjoyed working with both and I look forward to someday working with them again.

So let’s talk about your bachelorette party. What was the most shocking that happened?

I think it was the — I don’t know if he was a firefighter or a Tonka toy, I don’t know what he called himself or what he was. He was the most shocking thing. He was hilarious, and I couldn’t figure it out. He would take off layers and it would go into another costume. I was like, Ohh, Doug is going to see this right along with everyone else and he’s going to be like, “What is she doing?” You know, the dancer the gentleman was dancing up by me and stuff. The epitome of the party, though, and the hugest thing was Draya’s gift. I thought that was the most shocking. I could not believe it. I was like, “Oh my God!” [Laughs] And I caught a lot of heat on Twitter and everywhere else like, “Why did you throw her gift away?” And I said, “I didn’t throw it away. I have it.”

Did you ever hesitate to Google Draya? In her defense, she could have Googled any of you guys and come up with rumors too. So, were you still taking that police report with a grain of salt when you brought it to her attention that you knew about it?

I kind of still was, only because I was trying to explain to her the night she was crying, I think that was episode five, that I also have been through that a lot with the media with people putting things on Google and on the internet. Once it’s out there, unfortunately, it’s your word against whoever put it out there. So, I was trying to tell her that I’ve been through it too. That was her opportunity to explain it to all of us. I still was definitely giving her the benefit of the doubt at that time, but kind of the way it was seen was, “You did this! You do this! We Googled you!” But my message was, “Now explain what happened,” because I’m sure you’ve Googled me. I’m waiting for them to ask me anything because I’m an open book.

The women often talked about is how sensitive you are, and in Hawaii when they’re all doing impressions and Gloria says, “Oh you always say f— that sh—,” you got really upset. Was that a harsh realization that you say that, or were you being overdramatic?

That was a harsh realization. They thought I was joking, and they all have this idea that I’m very sensitive and I am if I care about what you think. If I don’t care about what they think, as seen with all the stuff on the internet with people and their comments, I can ignore it. With them, I felt like we were developing a sisterhood. And I felt like, “You know, we’re homegirls and if that’s how you guys feel, then I need to take a look at myself.” And there again is my message that you should be able to accept criticism if you dish it out.

The other drama of Hawaii was the pork thing. Looking back, do you think you handled that the right way?

I think I was very right to get that upset and I don’t think it was shown all the way on TV why because they had told me it was chicken, and they know I don’t eat pork. It’s been twelve years. It looked like chicken. The pig was way over on the other table. The chicken and all the rest was on this table, so as I picked it up, they were all like, “Yeah, yeah, that’s chicken Jackie!” I felt like they were being mean. On top of that, I was upset that the people didn’t make it clear that it was pork. It was very, very real. I felt like I was right in the way that I acted.

Have you spoken to the women since your meeting at the restaurant?

No. I’ve seen Laura and Gloria. I’ve been to fashion events with them. So, I’m around them. There’s still that tension; I can tell, but yet we all know that in the end we’re all going to be friends, hopefully, but we have not hashed out all the differences at all. As far as the rest of them go, I have not talked to any of them. I’ve talked to Tanya and Kimsha for sure but they’re not involved in that whole conflict.

Did they watch the show? Do you know if they have an opinion of like what’s going on without them being there?

Yeah, I think that they well, Tanya, I don’t think watches it — or at least she tells me she doesn’t. Kimsha? I rather not disclose how she feels about it. [Laughs] But Kimsha is a sweetheart and she understands. She was a part of the show and, hopefully, will return and be a part of the show.

Do you think because you’ve been targeted for criticism before due to your relationship, that that makes you an easier target for critics?

Yeah, I think they’re overly critical. You know, they get upset about someone else’s success. I also think a lot of people understand our relationship a little bit better now that they’ve got to see me and Doug get married on the show and learn our relationship a little bit better. I’m very happy that we allowed VH1 to show that side of us. I’m happy about that, but they are criticizing more. More people are aware of how we are now, too.

Were you ever worried about showing such a vulnerable side, especially with your mom? You put a lot out there and got really emotional often. Was that hard for you?

It is but I decided I was just going to be me and live in the moment and however I’m feeling at the time. My mom’s a part of it, definitely. I knew it was hard but I asked her if she was okay with being involved with it. That’s my mom. She’s just a loving, kind person. And if what she was going through could help others, that’s how she just lived her life. It was an honor as well for people to get to see who my mom is.

I know you said you’re not a s— -starter, but you’re a s— -finisher. Were you ready to throw down if it came to that?

Oh, definitely. [Laughs] I hate to say that but that’s just how I am. I’ve been a fighter my whole life.

What would’ve set you off?

It just would’ve depended. Like I told the girls, we’re all women and we should be able to talk things. It’s going to get passionate, sometimes things are going to get overblown, but I’m one to try and discuss it first. If you cross that line, you leave me no other choice. I told them on many occasions, “Do not mess with me or my family in that way, and don’t cross because if you do, we’ll have a problem.” Luckily, when Laura did it, it was, you know, she made it a joke. She was like, “I’m just kidding.” I know her as a jokester so it was easy for me to accept that, but with some of the other situations and at the restaurant, I felt like I was walking into kind of a little ambush. I realized later they all had on black. I wonder why? And I had seen that they were actually premeditating, maybe jumping me or something. It felt like they were just blatantly making me feel like that’s my only recourse.

As a wife who’s been part of the game for so long, how do you feel about women who are groupies or who are sleeping their way through? Does it frustrate you that there are women who are like, “I’m just gonna have a baby with someone for their money”?

It’s funny. That’s a good question. I haven’t met a lot of those girls, but when I see a woman that’s doing that to these players or anybody for that matter, it does frustrate me. It makes me very upset, especially with basketball. I have a son that’s ten who’s seeming like he’s going to want to go to the NBA someday, and I wouldn’t want a woman to do that to him. I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen to my husband whether we’re married or not married. These are nice people. These are nice men. You should love them for who they are and not what they can do for you. You should be able to carry your own and bring your own. It would be a much better situation, I think. NBA players and just basketball players in general will get a bad rep, and they’re not all out there partying. They’re like any other human being out here having a good time and theirs is just more exposed because sports are a big thing, especially here in the U.S.

Are you happy with how you’ve been portrayed? Because the final episodes are pretty harsh.

Yeah. So far, I’m like, “Here I am again taking the hits for everybody else.” I tell my fans and my followers on Twitter, “Hang in there. Stay with it!” I mean, nobody would want to hear “She’s a bully. She’s a psychopath. She’s all these different things.” I know that I’m a very confident and strong person. I know who I am and what I’m representing. Names don’t really hurt me that much to where it’s going to change anything. But I would have preferred to been edited like Draya was.

Does that shock you?

[Laughs] It does.

Draya was brought into the group as the girl who had to fight to get her way in, and now she comes off as the person who’s the least judgmental — do you think that that’s pretty accurate?

No, I don’t and Draya knows it’s not as well. I think that’s why today it’s good that there is a reunion and everyone gets a chance to express how they feel. I’m definitely not one to hold my tongue. I don’t have any personal issues against Draya. It’s not Draya’s fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s the way that the ball bounced. Now it’s time to put it out there and let’s get to the bottom and the realness of what’s going on and whats the essence of who you are.

If there is a season two, do you want to do it?

[Laughs] I would definitely be open to discussing it. I’d love to do it, but I’d like to have some conversations first just to make sure that going in, I’ll get that opportunity for the world to know who I really am.

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